Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I love my job!

Just a quick note to say that I love my job!

Job?  You might think, I've never mentioned being employed before.  Well, I'm talking about the role of mother in my home.  I was thinking about people who say that motherhood doesn't define them, and that got me to thinking.  Why wouldn't you want to be defined as someone who cares for others, teaches others, helps people work through their problems as well as making a nice place for people to come home to?  Sounds like a glorious job to me!  And it is, it's called....wait for it.....being a HOMEMAKER!  I know you'd never think to read anything like that on a homemaking blog! ;)  I so love seeing my kids cute little faces every day and hearing the creative and sometimes off the wall things they think of.  I laugh at their perception of the world sometimes, I marvel at how forgiving and trusting they are.  I'm happy to know that my husband works everyday so he is happy to see food when he walks in the door (I'm also happy that we even have an income at all!  We've gone through way too many times when we haven't).  Although I'm not a huge fan of housework, I'm happy that we have cleaning products, I'm happy that we have food to make dirty dishes, I'm happy we have a washer and drying so we can have clean clothes to wear, and I'm happy that my baby is learning to feed himself so the mess in the high chair and on the floor doesn't get to me.
I think being defined as a woman who serves others and learns to be a better person in the process is wonderful!

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