Thursday, July 18, 2013

Etsy Shop

I will spare you a long oration detailing all of the reasons I have been bad at posting lately and cut to current events!

After over a year of "meaning to do that" I have FINALLY opened an etsy shop. I had planned on doing it shortly before we moved into our house last year, but wanted to wait until we knew where we would be, then got everything settled and then I was just too tired enduring late pregnancy nausea and all, and it's hard to do much when you have a newborn. By then I had procrastinated so long that it was hard to get up the motivation to get it going. A little over a month ago, my husband got demoted due to a coworkers dishonesty. This not only meant a big drop in pay, but also a loss of insurance benefits. It's hard to not bemoan the misfortune that has befallen us, so we started coming up with ideas to make things work financially.

About this time, I had been thinking about how to make a reusable produce bag that you could see the stickers through and I came up with the idea that maybe I could crochet something. So I searched the internet for patterns, there are quite a few out there I might add. I found two that I liked best, combined them, and modified a few things and came up with my own produce bag.

On one of the websites I found a pattern for crocheted beaded bracelets with crochet thread instead of yarn. I had seen crocheted jewelry before with yarn, and was never very big on it, but this was awesome, so I got to making some!

I am having lots of fun, and I used part of the gift card I got for my birthday to get shipping supplies and some more jewelry making supplies. I also have plans for a lot more fun stuff to add! I just opened my shop this past Saturday, so hopefully sales will start coming in very soon!

Check out and "Like" my shop!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Life with four

My new baby is four months old now and I am slowly getting used to having four kids. The little baby stage is always hard, but I defiantly am feeling the pull for my attention. I am very grateful that my kids have come one at a time so I have older kids to be my helpers. My two oldest are getting pretty good and clearing and wiping down the table after dinner, then sweeping the kitchen and dining area, they are also getting better at loading and unloading the dishwasher and taking out the garbage. My two year old is getting better about clearing his plate after a meal and attempting to clean up whatever mess he made, plus he is getting better at putting his toys and shoes away. All of the older kids love to play with their new baby brother so sometimes that's their assignment, play with baby while mom finishes dinner, or changes a toddler diaper, or cleans up vomit or whatever!

I have two in diapers and they're in cloth pretty much all the time. The little baby wears disposables at night. I have found that I still really like the best bottom diapers, but I'm really not a fan of the bumgenius pocket diapers. They leak easily and don't hold much. I have also found that I really like the econobum brand, even though it's made by the same people who make bumgenius. It's very affordable and easy. I think I will get a few more to make sure I'm not constantly running out. Plus, I cut ups receiving blanket and sewed the edges so it doesn't come undone

Overall I feel so luckily to have the baby home and I'm getting into the swing of things!