Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making the Bed

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just said to yourself, "Wow, I've been REALLY lazy!"?  I had one today.

I have never been really great at making the bed.  I was the sheets every week or every other week (we both take showers at night so they don't get dirty very fast) and if I finish everything and remember long before bedtime, I'll put the sheets back on the bed and then make the bed look all nice.  If I forget about it and get distracted, or something more pressing comes up, I usually put the sheets on right before we go to sleep, feeling bad that my hubby has to stay awake a few minutes longer when I know he's already dead on his feet from exhaustion as it is.  The rest of the time I usually either don't think about it or think that it will be too much work, and will take too much time.  So I leave the bed untidy and my husband usually goes to bed first and he's usually too warm for any sheets or blankets or anything, so he either sleeps on top of the crumpled mess or used the haphazard comforter under his legs to ease his back pain do he doesn't have to look around for the extra pillows.  I get in bed, and I'm ALWAYS cold at night, so I try to get under the sheet, which is usually twisted, grope around in the dark for the blanket, realize it's under my hubby, then either leave it and snuggle up to him in hopes that his body heat will warm me enough to sleep, or decide that me being warm is more important than his back and take the blanket out from under his legs.  the bad thing  about that is that my husband sleepwalks, and slightly stirring him like that is usually enough to make him sleepwalk, during which he'll eat and often fall back asleep on the couch in a very awkward position.  This doesn't help with the back pain, incidentally.  But when the bed is made, things go smoother.
Still thinking that it was too time consuming to make the bed, I was reading an article about how we make more work for ourselves by not stopping to fix things that are slowing us down.  The author compared this to being too busy driving to stop for gas.  She also suggested timing how long it takes to do these things that you think are too much trouble.  So I figured I might as well try.  While holding a small child in one arm, and still being very sick and sluggish and light headed, and having to rearrange the pillows and go back and forth to the other side of the bed a few times since I was working one-handedly, it took me less than two minutes.  I didn't do hospital corner or anything.  I did those in the military and they only work well with a small cot and a this wool blanket.  My main point was to "re-fold" the bed so it looks decent and if someone walked into my bedroom they wouldn't think that they had woken my from a mid day nap (something I wish I were taking).
Here is my wonderfully accomplishment :)

All made, and the extra pillows are under the regular pillows so the hubs won't have to use the blanket (it's more work to use the blanket when it's laid out all nice anyway)

Yay for small accomplishments!

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