Sunday, August 7, 2011

It really IS a magic eraser!

I just had to share this! 
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Pads, 8-Count BoxToday I bought a canister set from Walmart because I was tired of storing open bags of baking products in the fridge (air-tight containment is a must anywhere, but down here it's even more so to avoid attracting unwanted visitors!)  So I'm jazzed about that, but the sticker on the outside of the largest canister would not come off.  Only parts of it pealed off by hand, so I soaked it, only a little bit more of that paper part came off, but none of the sticky residue.  So I tried scrubbing it with hot, soapy water, that got a little more paper off, and maybe a tiny bit of the sticky stuff, but it was not working how I wanted it to work.  So I got online and did a search on swagbucks to find an alternative.  I found this website, which had many suggestions, but one of them was one of those magic erasers.  I always keep some of the Walmart knock offs on hand because I have a 3 year old who takes the phrase "the world is your canvas" literally, and they work wonders in getting crayon off the wall.  I even got some still somewhat wet nail polish off the wall with them once!  So I gave it a try and it worked BEAUTIFULLY!  I was again amazed!  When I first saw these advertised I thought it was another ho-hum product that wouldn't do much more than any other cleaner.  But WOW!!  They're amazing.  Another cool thing for those of us who are tree huggers (or at least try to be sometimes) is that the Walmart brand (I don't know about the name brand because I'm too cheap to buy it) makes the boxed completely from recycled cardboard, and it's of coarse recycle-able.  Plus, the magic erasers don't have any extra packaging around them, and when they wear out they just dissolve so nothing goes into a landfill!  I never realized Walmart was so green!

What have you found to be your magic cleaning product?

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