Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wordfull Wednesday-Paint chip writing

Since this is a blog about homemaking, I wondered if I should post this, since it's more just trying to be creative and having fun.  But then I realized that we're supposed to improve ourselves in many ways, even if the end product isn't exactly award winning in nature, so here's my random post:

This is just a fun little link up with Chocolate on my Cranium.

The challenge: get some paint strips with several colors on them and then create a story or poem that incorporates the color names in it.  No fair peeking at the names before you pick.

I didn't make it to the store, but I got some color names from the Benjamin Moore website.
I randomly picked three colors next to each other that all looked pretty much the same. I my mind, they were: blue, pink and yellow, but I guess I'm not good at giving things creative names, good thing that's not the challenge!

So here it goes:

Crystal springs from her house as soon as she hears the skylark song.  She knows this means that once again, Jack Frost has retreated for the year and spring has come again.

He took her to an outdoor cafe, quaint, but beautifully located on the tropical sand.  They talked through dinner, then for desert he ordered a strawberry-n-cream cheesecake, giving the waitress a knowing wink.  This almost made the girlfriend jealous, until the dessert arrived, topped with a beautiful, simple ring.  He scarcely got out the word of his proposal when she almost yelled amid happy tears "Yes!"

Sitting on the sun porch
Thinking about the heat.
Bright Yellow walks up
and sits down on my feet,
Licks his paws in the sunshine,
Then looks up at me,
Sharing summer with my dog's the best that it can be.

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