Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25 Random Things About Me

1.  I was in a firefighter unit in the Idaho Army National Guard
2.  I speak German almost fluently
3.  I really like fresh spinach
4. I was the one who asked my senior prom date to go with me, I have fun with him, but I thought prom itself was a waste of money.
5. After failing one physical objective at the end of firefighter school, I was sent to clerk school for the Army for 5 weeks.  I still did fire fighting in my unit until I got pregnant.

6.  I was an exchange student in Germany for 6 months during my junior year of high school
7. I find great entertainment from listening to my kids (especially my three year old) talk about their bodily functions.
8.  I pretty much never have salad dressing my my salad, I just don't like it.
9. In Basic Training for the Army, the only time I could often find time to read scriptures was after lights out, but you can't turn on lights and you're tired, so I would go in the bathroom and read my scriptures in the stall to be sure I was reading scriptures every day.
10. I never want a house with a home owners association

11. In clerk school I received the Army Achievement Metal for outstanding performance in Physical training and academics.  I did well on the tests and was in really god shape from fire fighter school (imagine that).
12. I don't like cleaning, but I do it anyway.
13. I hate sauerkraut.
14. My little sister is a lot taller than me
15. I played trumpet in elementary, middle, and part of high school.  I did all right until I got braces, you can imagine how that affects trumpet playing!
16. I am allergic to minocycline, a prescription acne medication I was prescribed in high school. After several days of blistering hives, I decided acne wasn't THAT bad, so I didn't take any more powerful medications, even though I STILL have acne (10 years after that incident) I've tried skin cleanser and natural supplements to make it not too painful, and just try to set my vanity aside.  The next stronger medication could cause serious birth defects, and I found out about it shortly before I got married, so I figured having healthy babies was more important than clear skin.
17. I don't like green beans either.
18. I was on the dance team in high school, even though I'm not very graceful
19. I am 5'8" and am the shortest person in my family (tied with my mom)
20. I knew my husband was a keeper on our first date because he passed gas and was really embarrassed.  I was in firefighter school for the Army at the time so it was very nice to have someone who was embarrassed to pass gas rather than trying to get me to gag from it.
21. I took piano lessons in high school but haven't played in a while.  I want a piano, but I know that it would be too noisy to practice very much, so I have told my husband that some day I would like a nice electronic keyboard so I can have headphones and practice without waking up kids or a husband.
22. One reason I have been motivated to make food healthier is because I'm a picky eater and I don't like very many vegetables, but I want to be healthy
23. One highlight of my college application was that I was in the Cultural Interaction Awareness club for three years in high school.  This club organized the Martin Luther King Jr. assembly and did activities with exchange students to get students to know them and their home countries better. I am very proud to have been part of that, but the truth is, I only went to an information meeting because one of my friends went and wanted moral support.  Since not many people showed up, we were automatically enlisted in the committee.  It was a lot of work and life got busier the next year, so I decided that I wouldn't have time to do that and everything else (the assembly was two weeks before I left for Germany!) but there were only two other people and the teacher in charge caught me in the hall so I did it again, same story the next year.  It was a good thing, and I'm glad I did, but my dirty little secret is that I was trying to avoid it.  Shame on me.
24. I hate paper clutter but have a hard time organizing and purging papers (working on that one).
25. I have only recently come around to beans and other legumes.

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