Wednesday, October 19, 2011

White Butterflies


Right after my third child was born, I had an experience that has stuck with me.  It was late at night and we had to stop by the store to pick something up for a friend.  The kids and I were exhausted so my husband went in by himself.  While he was in the store I was just kind of having a mental pity party about how I didn't feel good, hardly slept, and how the baby had finally fallen asleep in the car and I had to waste that time waiting instead of sleeping in my bed.  During this process I looked up at the street light and saw moths swarming all around it as moths do.  I thought that was kind of disgusting and equated it to how I was feeling at the time. 
As soon as I had that thought, my then two year old gasped, and with all the glee and enthusiasm that only a two year old can have he cried out
"Mommy!  LOOK!  White butterflies!!" 
I smiled and asked him if he like that, he said yes, and that it was really pretty.  Since then, when I'm feeling sorry for myself, I ask myself "Do I see moths, or do I see white butterflies?"

Just a reminder to look at things in a positive light!

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  1. Love it. It's 3:48am...I bet if I looked real hard I could find me some of those white butterflies. Mommyhood is hard, I'm sure glad the kiddos have a way of offering us an elevated perspective. Sometimes Ezra rewards me with a smile and that's all it takes to make it worth every sleepless moment.