Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sometimes, it goes in file 13

I have been working on a quilt for our bed (I'll post more about that at another time) and I was saving all the scraps to stuff into a pillow.  There are a lot of scraps too because I'm making the quilt out of men's shirts.  I had these big plans to cut the scraps up into really fine pieces to make a nice, decorative throw pillow.  I still think that this is a wise use of resources and good money saving technique, but then I realized something.  Our bed has two pillows for each of us already, and I hate organizing a bunch of pillows when I make the bed (it's a big enough deal if I make the bed at all!).  I thought that we could put throw pillows on the couch and love seat, but throw pillows would be exactly what they were, and leave on the floor to trip people pillows.  Not to mention that our couch and love seat both have patters on them.  I like the patterns enough not to want to cover them with a cover (not to mention that those are ridiculously expensive and would be a pain in the bum to make myself) and I want interesting throw pillows that look kind of fun and country-ish!  By the time that kind of throw pillow will work with my current decor, we'll probably have different couches.  In the meantime, I'm not going to clutter my life with something I don't need.  So here's my bag of scraps in the garbage.  Sometimes it's so freeing to have less stuff!

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