Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flowers make me happy!

I love flowers!  I've never been big on getting a dozen red roses, but I do live flowers.  My favorites are: daisies, Texas bluebonnets, lily of the valley, lilacs, mini carnations, and sunflowers, to name a few.  I would love to have fresh flowers in my home all the time, but that would be pretty expensive!  I decided it's the look I like more than anything else, so when we got our tax return we worked out a few (and I mean VERY few) bucks each to spend on something non-essential.  I opted for these flowers (they are fake) and this picture for a vase!  Isn't it AWESOME?  Yes I know it's not what's really popular right now, but I've always liked the kind of rustic/American country look! I used artificial versions of daisies, lily of the valley, and blue lilacs!  It's the centerpiece to our kitchen table (we move it during dinner though) and it makes me smile every time I see it!  Oh, it's the simple things in life!

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