Friday, March 25, 2011

Everyday Food Storage

I found a website recently that I absolutely adore!  It's called  Crystal is the lady that does this and she it AMAZING!  He does how-to videos, has handouts, she even teaches classes to people in the Utah area (that's not us, but there may be some of you out there!).  Prior to visiting her site, the only foods I could think to make from long term food storage were bread, pancakes, and wheat sprouts (she goes into those things too, but has SO much more!).  I am amazed by this site.  Crystal is incredible.  I aspire to be like her.  It's also helped motivate me to build up our long term food storage.  We might not be able to fit a full year in this little place, but at least we can get a few months worth!  Plus, I will definantly be trying her recipes and letting you all know what I think!

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