Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"fair" chores

A homemakers life is always busy.  Children require (and rightfully so) a lot of time, energy, attention, and prayer.  It's amazing that a single chore ever gets done in a house with small children.  I know my husband would LOVE a perfectly clean and organized house at all times, I would love that too, but we also realize that kids are messy and things don't have to be perfect.  My awesome husband not only works 30-40 hours a week to support our family, but he's also going to school in the evenings, taking four very loaded classes.  I know when he's home he physically and mentally exhausted, often overwhelmed, and he just wants to relax.
If I were to be thinking about myself, I'd say that I have an exhausting job too!  I'm dealing with tantrums and meltdowns and bickering, while trying to teach the kids and involve them in fun and uplifting activities.  On top of that I try to keep the household running with cleaning and organizing and laundry and desperate attempts at clutter control.  I'm exhausted, and often overwhelmed by the many tasks involved in household management (hence the blog), but I also know that my kids LOVE their dad.  They are his little fan club and they get excited and giddy when he walks through the door and sometimes they'll just run in circles out of pure excitement (if they're not tackling him to the ground with hugs of course).  I know he loves being around them and playing with them too, I get to do that throughout the day!  So rather than "assigning" chores to my husband to be "fair."  I determined that it's much more "fair" for everyone to let him relax and spend time with the kids when he actually is home, rather than getting onto his case about helping me with the housework.  He still helps out when he can, but it saves everyone a LOT of stress when he can come home and just enjoy being home.  I love my husband!  He may not be perfect but I wouldn't trade him for anything.

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