Monday, January 16, 2012

"Cloth" is Not a Four Letter Word (as in diapers), part 3

Frugally Building Up A Stash

Since I used swagbucks I only paid bout $14 for the first four cloth diapers, whereas if I had not used swagbucks it would have been about $50!  Figuring that each disposable (of the generic variety) is about $0.19 (at least) and using four cloth diapers a day in replacement of disposables, my purchase paid for itself in about 18 and a half days.

For detergent I got the generic free and clear detergent from Albertson's because every other kind of free and clear had brighteners or enzymes, which can cause rashes (another thing I didn't know the first time around).

For wipes I use the flats, moistened.  I have been cutting them into fourths and hand stitching over the loose edges so they don't fray.  This size is a little more manageable. On rare occasions, I may use disposable wipes, but only if it's REALLY nasty!
I cleaned it out really well first so it doesn't get residue on the diapers

For a diaper pail I have a bucket for laundry detergent (the regular kind) that has been used up.

My grandma sent us some money for Christmas, and I talked to my husband about building up the rest of our stash with that.  He said since it was from my grandma, do whatever I want with it.  Don't have to tell me twice.  So I went online and bought two more Best Bottom diaper shells and six more inserts (that came to about $57.84 so it will pay for itself in a little over a month and a half).  A few days later I had enough from swagbucks to get another bumgenius diaper and some wetbags.  If you're wondering what wetbags are, let me explain: When you're out and about with cloth diapers and your little one needs a diaper change, you need somewhere to put said diaper so it doesn't smear diaper contents all over everything else in your diaper bag.  And it needs to be water proof so wet diapers don't saturate anything else.  Hence the need for a wetbag!


Closed with drawstring closure

closed next to a baby foot

In a pinch, I have also put a folded flat diaper and just laid it in the cover.  It does scrunch, but it's better than nothing!

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