Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Might Have A New Favorite Laundry Stain Remover!

First, a story:
A few weeks ago, my husband was taking a nice Sunday afternoon nap.  I was awake with the kids (I took my nap while they were sleeping) and at some point I had gone into our room and forgot to close the door all the way.  Right around this time, my one year old had found some crayons his siblings had left out.  I saw him carrying around an orange crayon and was watching carefully to make sure he didn't color on anything.  He found his way into my husbands and my room to find one of his favorite people in the whole world, his daddy!  Poor baby discovered that daddy was really boring right then, since he wouldn't wake up, so my son decided that daddy must be bored and want to color, so he threw the orange crayon at daddy and ran away to play.  My hubby didn't notice this, and I'd seen the baby throw the crayon, but as with all babies his aim is always off and I thought the crayon hit the floor.  Or maybe it did but he picked it up and tried again shortly thereafter.  Anyhoo, it was a bit warm and my hubby moves a lot in his sleep.  Eventually the air conditioner kicked in and he pulled blankets over himself.  When he woke up he slip out of bed, that night, he slid into bed in the dark, and the crayon remained on his side of the bed, being squished and ground into the blue sheets every time he slept.  This went on for several days until one morning he was getting ready for work and looked over at the bed and the blanket he had tossed out of his way a few minutes prior.  He started laughing very hard and took the now small crayon off our bed.  He told me what happened and added "I don't know how we're gunna get that out, we probably won't.  Oh well, orange and blue sheets!"  When I saw the large area of crayon marks on the sheet, I immediately decided to ignore it until I felt like dealing with it.
We take showers right before bed so we usually change our sheets every other week instead of every week.  Well, today I went to change the sheets and had to figure out what to do with that stain.  I didn't have much hope.  Then.....I remembered something.  Yes, it's quite and accomplishment for me.  About a week or so ago I was researching how to make your own homemade laundry detergent and decided to give it a whirl.  After getting the ingredients I proceeded to procrastinate actually making the detergent, but I had read up on the ingredients and one of them is Fels Naptha laundry soap.

The packaging claimed that it was great at removing stains, and I remember hearing something about some laundry soap getting rid of some stains.  So I figured I had nothing to loose.  I got the stain part wet and rubbed the bar into the sheet.  I didn't go too crazy with it, just rubbed it in and then briefly rubbed the sheet against itself to grind it in a little, still just hoping it would make a little difference.  Guess what?  After the wash, I couldn't even FIND the spot where the stain had been.  I though I was going crazy to I put the sheet on the bed to get a god look at the whole thing, still, there was no indication that out sheet had been crayoned at all!  It's also really cheap too, like 97 cents, and doesn't wear away quickly at all.  I've seen such a huge inprovement over when we used the spray and wash stuff.

I love it when things work like they claim they do!

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