Tuesday, November 1, 2011

50 Things I'm Thankful For

Most years, I really don't spend too much time, other than one or two Sunday school lessons, before Thanksgiving day really pondering the things I'm thankful for.  This year I'm going to really try to ponder and aknowledge the things I'm thankful for, I figured 50 was a nice round number, so in no particular order:

1. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I'm so thankful to have been raised with the knowledge I have and the guidance of the Spirit, and that my husband and I get to raise our kids in the Church!
2.  My husband.  He works hard to provide for our family, he's taken care of me when I'm pregnant, have just had a baby, or when I'm sick, but he doesn't treat me like I'm broken either, which I appreciate.  He also comes up with ways to get me some pampering, since he knows I won't do it on my own.
3. My kids.  Well that's three different things, but I'm so thankful for them and that we were blessed with the fertility to have them, and how cute and interesting they are, and I'm amazed at how my capacity to love has increased.  I was amazed how much I could live someone when my daughter was born and couldn't imagine being able to feel any more love, but with each child, my capacity to love an increased that much more!
4. Indoor plumbing, no explanation needed.
5. Flowers, especially wild flowers.
6. That we're living in our own apartment, but a motel or a guest room or someone's living room floor.
7. That we have a washer and dryer!  We don't have to go to a laundry mat or wash them by hand!
8. Toilet paper, I've read that some people used to use corn husks, not my ideal.  I'm happy we don't use our hands nowadays too.
9. The beautiful weather today, sunshine and warmish temperatures, clear blue sky.
10. Having so much food and such a variety at my finger tips
11. A working vehicle.
12. A second vehicle for my husband to take to work so I can use the first working vehicle.
13. Swagbucks.
14. A kitchen table.  My kids don't have to eat on the floor, and we no longer use a card table.
15. The cute curls on the back of my baby's head.
16.  The fact that my five year old calls those curls his "curlies."
17. My three year old's wide eyes fascination with his bodily functions, it's so entertaining!
18. So much food to eat and different kinds of food.
19. Clean drinking water.
20. The way my one year old lays down on everything he likes
21. The way my kids gasp in shock when they see someone smoking, or see alcoholic beverages for sale at the store.
22. My parents, they raised me well and still are a wonderful source of support.
23. My brother and sister.  They are still my friends, even though we're really far away from each other, and I talk to my sister every week and my brother a few times a week.
24. That so many people have thought of us before donating things so we have gotten some of the things we could really need for free without burdening anyone to give us something of theirs.
25. Soap
26. Slow Cookers
27. Lentils, so much faster than beans.
28. Our bed, so much more comfortable than our last one!
29. Sugar
30. Tax Returns, need I say more?
31. Modern health care, not attaching leaches or sawing off legs or anything like that
32. Shampoo
33. Immunizations, just thinking of all the diseases kids used to die from makes me sad
34. That no one in my family has any deformities
35. Myself and my kids have no long term health issues
36.  My husbands long term health issue is treatable and easily recognizable, and allows him to still work
37. I can read
38. Myself, my husband and my kids have access to lots of information from many points of view
39. Electricity
40. Gas in our cars
41. Baking Soda, good for so many things
42. Conditioner
43. Curiosity and enthusiasm of children
44. Warm and cold weather shoes
45. Air Conditioning
46. Central heat
47. Laundry detergent
48. Internet (as long as I'm not wasting my time being on it too long
49. Wheat, it's so cool, it's in everything, and it's yummy!
50. Living in a country where I have the right to write a random blog post and I don't have tons of government agents scrutinizing it before it's allowed to be published.

Life is good!

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