Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baby bedroom

Lately I have been really tired and not very productive.  I started evaluating what could be causing such fatigue.  It wasn't hard to pinpoint, my son who just turned one STILL insisted on waking up several times at night to nurse.  Sometime almost continually for several hours.  With the older kids we would put them in another room and let them cry it out.  Now we are in a two bedroom apartment and the bigger kids are in one bedroom, we're in the other (complicated, I know).  The baby sleeps in our room.  I would just let him cry it out in our room, but my husband has to get up early most mornings to work 10 hours of manual labor in the heat, so he could use as much sleep as he could get.  I was exhausted and frustrated, and we even tried putting him in the living room, but it wasn't a good fit because the high ceiling and larger room echoed, waking up the other kids and keeping us up, plus we couldn't totally block out the lights from the parking lot outside. So I finally de-cluttered a little bit and moved some stuff around and viola!
The closet is now the baby's bedroom!  It stays dark, it's little warmer than the rest of the house, which is good because he almost always wakes up cold, and all the clothes and the size make it so his cries don't echo and wake up everyone.  You know what?  We've had him in the for several nights now and he's one woken up at night once!  Even when my hubby and I are talking at normal levels in our bedroom.  So it's been wonderful!  We can sleep more and cuddle with each other rather than having someone between us.  It's just all round great!  When my husband goes into the closet to get dressed in the morning it's about the time the baby wakes up anyway, and about the time I get up so it works out great!

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  1. My youngest brother slept in the hall closet for a long time when he was a baby. There just wasn't enough room to have him anywhere else. It worked out great! Sometimes you gotta get creative. :)