Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Toybox

We don't like to spend much money on anything if we can help it.  We try to be creative in what we use and how we use it.  When our oldest was small, we used storage crates or laundry baskets to organize the mass amounts of toys that come with other people knowing that you have a child, we had a series of big moves that forced us to seriously limit how much stuff we had (although that was really hard, it was such a burden lifted to not have as much "stuff").  Since we've settled a little bit and aren't moving nearly as much anymore, and only making small moves when we move, plus we've had two more kids, they kid stuff seems to grow exponentially!  Cardboard boxes became our toy box of choice, which worked fine when we had nothing else, but started to fall apart.  I tried fixing the box with duck tape, but the tape came off and my kids used it for ghetto bracelets, classy. 

See what I mean?
So I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get something more permanent.  I went to Walmart and got one of those big plastic buckets they display holding various party things like drinks or whatever.  I think it was just under $6.  Then I had little helpers transfer they toys and viola!
Much better!  And you know what else is neat about this?
It fits in the closet!  So the bedroom feels even more open and organized in the kids room!  And they enjoy more room to run around and play!
Something that I was awed by too, was that not all the toys from the cardboard box fit into the big blue bucket, so my kids VOLUNTARILY, without any prompting from me, went through their toys and came up with stuff that they didn't want anymore to donate to charity!  Keep in mind these kids are almost 3 and 5!  The only problem was that they were willing to give away the baby's toys, so I had to regulate that a bit.  But here's the stuff they CHOSE to give away!
That's the biggest box that Walmart sells diapers in, packed with toys for charity!  I still can't believe it!  I'm so proud of them!

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