Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Impromptu Nutrition Lesson

This past weekend we went to visit my in-laws.  It was a good enough visit, but there's something that always gets to us about visiting there: the food.  Sure it tastes great, but there's almost no nutritional value and there's a TON of salt, fat, and sugar.  We always say that we gain about 5 pounds for every three days we spend there.  While we noticed the huge difference in ourselves, this past visit, the kids noticed too.  They were tired, had tummy aches, and were constipated.  They asked me why they felt this way and I explained that it was because we hadn't been eating healthy food.  We've had a lot of mini lessons on nutrition, but them experiencing the consequences of poor food choices seemed to really drive the point home for them.  Then, while we were waiting in the grocery store for my husband to use the restroom, the kids and I walked around and talked about what foods are healthy, which ones are not, and why.  They really enjoyed it, and when we got home, they wanted to go to the store to get healthy food!  It was a great little impromptu lesson!

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