Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I am "Super Cook"!

I found a website today called  where you can enter the ingredients you have on hand and it will give you a large list of recipes that you have the ingredients to make!  I got this recipe for southwestern chicken from it today.  Normally I'm very skeptical about southwestern style things because they end up being too spicy for me and too spicy for the kids.  This one though had a nice blend of flavors!  I did notice that a lot of juice came off while cooking, so when it was all done I took the chicken out of the pan, added some flour tot eh extra liquid, and whipped that up for a few minutes to make a bit of a sauce.  Then I heated the chicken in the microwave for a few seconds so they wouldn't be cold, and poured the sauce over it. To go with it I cooked some brown rice in the slow cooker with a teaspoon or two of low sodium taco seasoning a few shakes of cumin, and a healthy sprinkle of dried minced onions.  When it was all cooked I added some corn and about half a can of black beans (I drained and rinsed them first).  The rice had a really mild flavor, which was good because it didn't overpower the chicken, and also didn't drown it in blandness.  I've noticed more and more that I don't measure very often.  I just add until it looks about right and smell it after a few minutes of cooking.  Some things flop but this went rather well.  My usually VERY picky three year old asked for seconds and told me several times that he likes chicken! 

This was also a good opportunity to use what we have on hand.  The rice was part of our food storage (obviously not from the cannery since they don't have brown rice) The corn and chicken were part of our frozen food, the beans had been canned but I used half of the can in another recipe a while back so I froze the rest to use another day so that worked out great, and I always have those spices on hand! Not to mention that it was pretty healthy.  I used a little less salt than the recipe calls for in the chicken, though it doesn't call for much.  With the holidays going on we've recently been eating food that had been way too unhealthy for us!  My husband even got sick this weekend from eating (someone else's) turkey deep fried in lard (though he was raised with old fashioned fatty food, he's gotten used to the reduced sodium, whole grain goodness that I usually make!)  So we were all glad to be eating high fiber, low sodium and low fat stuff again!  Who knew such healthy food would be so welcome!

Just thinking of all the lard that must have been involved in deep frying that turkey, I can feel my arteries clogging!

They guy who made the turkey insisted that it wasn't bad because it was a natural fat and not hydrogenated oil.  To me.....fat is still fat, you don't need that much!  I prefer to bake my turkey!

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